Project logo – A sketch drawn in white solid fill on a dark background showing a bust of a person resembling a spy from noir films, wearing a hat, coat and VR goggles.

 Mr. UD 

Mixed Reality on Universal Design's Secret Service
Graphic depicting 9 intermingling figures, in different colours, each associated with different disabilities. A light green figure of a blind person with a cane, a pink man in a wheelchair being led by a woman, a blue elderly person in an autonomous chair, a celadon woman with a prosthetic arm, an orange person in an automatic wheelchair, a blue man with crutches, a purple man in an autonomous wheelchair, and a green man with a prosthetic leg.
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"Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening
with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another."
Alfred Adler

About the project

The goal of the project is to increase Universal Design competencies of future designers, teachers, educators and engineers, with the use of Mixed Reality systems. We use a set of scenario-based practical educational tools enhanced with Mixed Reality to ensure a better understanding of various accessibility needs of people by experiencing them. Sensory impairments, physical disabilities as well as age and gender disparities are some of the issues that will be addressed. Future designers will be able to experience limitations of lowered and disabled senses, various physical constraints or put themselves in the shoes of the elderly, all to better understand their needs and empathize with potential users of their creations.

The project will provide tools for a more inclusive design approach, ideas on how to use it for educational processes and, ultimately, a more fair and accessible world for every human being.

A futuristic vision of a man wearing VR glasses, operating the interface in virtual reality, the dominant color of the graphics is blue. The graphic is entitlet 'Experience through MR'.

Universal Design

The photo depicts a wheelchair standing at an angle, on a light background. The photo is entitled 'Gaining empathy'.

Universal Design it’s a methodology and philosophy of designing products, services and the environment of their use. The key point is to approach and meet the needs of all human beings, regardless of their abilities or conditions. Universal Design is inclusive and egalitarian, and focuses on planning and designing for the purpose of promoting equal opportunity and parity.

Universal Design aims to provide:

  • fair, equitable use of all products and services,
  • simple and intuitive operation, regardless of user's experience and knowledge,
  • products or services that are effective, comfortable and adequate for planned purpose,
  • high tolerance for misuse and error, minimization of the risk of negative effects of accidental or deliberate action.

Our Team


Project coordinator logo. A maroon rectangle with gray letters P and Ł, between which there is an image of a torch with a coat of arms, inside which is a drawing of a boat with an oar. On the right side there is the inscription Lodz University of Technology.


Project partner logo. Blue drawing showing an ancient building with columns. On the right is the inscription Univeristy of Tartu.


Project partner logo. An abstract geometric figure in green with the words 'Universidade de Aveiro'


Project partner logo.  A red oblong rectangle with a white inscription P. Porto.


Project partner logo. A blue circle with gear-like external edges, with Aesculapian snake inside. Next to it is the blue inscription Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine.



Photo of a woman with VR glasses standing sideways against a blue background.
Photo of a smiling woman sitting on a green pouf, wearing a suit simulating the state of pregnancy (enhancing her breasts and a large belly), wearing VR glasses. A photo is taken on a light background.
Top view photo of a hand wearing Parkinson's disease imitating gloves, holding a cup of water in the right hand - the surface of the water is clearly weaved due to hand shake.
A photo of a woman standing sideways, with her left hand under her side, and her right outstretched hand operating the VR controller. The woman is wearing VR glasses and a black geriatric suit, which consists of a vest, elbow bands, wrists and neck, as well as gloves. Picture taken on a light background.
Photo of a woman wearing VR glasses sitting in an office chair, wearing black clothes, using both hands to use blue VR controllers. Left arm is at waist level, right arm is raised to head height. There are visible signs of deep immersion in a VR environment.
Photo of a bust of a woman standing sideways, wearing VR glasses, with her mouth open. Picture taken in blue light background.


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